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Lt. John G. Winant Jr. — WW II bomber pilot
Union Leader, October 26, 2016Gil Winant a champion of the people in wartime Britain
Union Leader, October 19, 2016
Gil Winant and Winston Churchill learn of the attack on Pearl Harbor
Union Leader, October 12, 2016
Constance Winant — an ambassador's wife
Union Leader, October 06, 2016

Gil Winant faces a perilous time in London
Union Leader, September 28, 2016
Gil Winant leaves NH for Britain and the war
Union Leader, September 21, 2016NH's Gil Winant becomes Ambassador to Great Britain
Union Leader, September 14, 2016
 NH's Winant saves International Labor Organization
Union Leader, September 7, 2016

NH's Gil Winant becomes an international figure
Union Leader, September 1, 2016

Gil Winant — Social Security's indispensable man 
Union Leader, August 24, 2016

Gil Winant stoof up for principle above politics  
Union Leader, August 17, 2016

Gil Winant is key to launching Social Security
Union Leader, August 10, 2016

Gil Winant becomes the first head of Social Security
Union Leader, August 3, 2016

Gil Winant helps resolve the 1934 textile strike
Union Leader, July 27, 2016 

NH Gov. Gil Winant is called to Washington
Union Leader, July 20, 2016 

New Hampshire Gov. 'Gil' Winant gains national attention
Union Leader, July 13, 2016 

The Winants work to help New Hampshire citizens
Union Leader, July 6, 2016 

Gov. Winant responds to Manchester strike violence
Union Leader, June 30, 2016 

Gov. Winant's third term and labor unrest in the city
Union Leader, June 22, 2016 

 Gov. Gil Winant tackles the challenges of the Great Depression
Union Leader, June 15, 2016

Gil Winant steps up as the Great Depression looms
Union Leader, June 8, 2016

Gil Winant faces political and financial challenges 
Union Leader, June 1, 2016

A Lincoln portrait for the State House 
Union Leader, May 25, 2016

Winant elected governor of New Hampshire
Union Leader, May 18, 2016

A political battle between two war heroes
Union Leader, May 11, 2016
Longshot candidate takes on a powerful opponent
Union Leader, May 5, 2016

Gil Winant returns to NH politics
Union Leader, April 27, 2016

War hero Gil Winant returns to the Granite State
Union Leader, April 20, 2016

Capt. Gil Winant was a World War I pilot and commander
Union Leader, April 13, 2016

Gil Winant is elected to the NH Legislature
Union Leader, April 6, 2016

St. Paul's School had major impact on John Gilbert Winant
Union Leader, March 30, 2016

John Gilbert Winant Becomes Ambassador to Great Britain
Union Leader, March 23, 2016


Final round of fundraising begins for John Gilbert Winant memorial in Concord
March 3, 2016

NH Chronicle: "Governor John Winant"
Aired on January 4, 2016

A NH governor who did much for the world to finally receive recognition
By Shawne K. Wickham, New Hampshire Sunday News 

BBC Radio: US Ambassador Matthew Barzun on JG Winant
Matthew Parris meets the American Ambassador Matthew Barzun whose choice of great life is his wartime predecessor, John Gil Winant - the man widely held to have helped seal the special relationship between Britain and America and to have brought the US into the war effort.

Emerging from History
A profile of Ambassador John Gilbert Winant in the Saint Paul’s School alumni magazine
By Rachel S. Cox 

Committee chooses sculptor for Winant memorial statue
Published in the Concord Monitor on February 4, 2014
By Kathleen Ronayne

U.K. Ambassador Joins Effort to Honor the Late N.H. Governor John G. Winant
Press release from The John G. Winant Committee, July 2014