The Memorial

A statue of Governor John Gilbert Winant sits in a plaza before the New Hampshire State Library, inviting passers-by to join him, much as he gave his company to many during his years as governor, before and during the Great Depression.

Led by Chairman Steve Shurtleff, a committee of New Hampshire legislators, administrators, historians, and other citizens, including members of the St. Paul’s School community, had met since 2013 to plan for this memorial.

Much of the committee’s discussion addressed the most appropriate design and location of the sculpture to reflect the history of Gov. Winant as both a humble man of the people and an extraordinary leader in the Allied effort during World War II.

A national competition brought the name and credentials of Missouri artist Brett Grill to the attention of the committee, which selected him as the sculptor best able to create an appropriate likeness of Gov. Winant. Among Mr. Grill’s many other commissioned pieces is the statue of President Gerald R. Ford that now stands in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol Building. See